Dear Mayor and Council,

I am writing to oppose the proposed rezoning and development of 2077 Garibaldi Way. I understand and support the need for additional employee housing in Whistler. Nevertheless, I strongly believe that the proposed 222 bed unit /121 parking space development is not appropriate, in any way, for this relatively small, limited access site.

There are a myriad of reasons why I oppose the captioned re-zoning and development proposal. There are clearly many issues about the potential effects that the proposed high density development would have on the surrounding low/medium density single family neighborhoods. However, there are broader issues that potentially affect everyone that lives in or visits Whistler:

  1. The proposed development will put even more pressure on this section of Highway 99, which is already heavily congested during a good part of each day.
  2. As traffic has increased on this section of Highway 99 it has become increasingly more difficult, and dangerous, to access Highway 99 from the Nordic/Highland areas. Adding more vehicles to this area will almost certainly add to highway congestion and risks for both local and through traffic.
  3. It is quite possible that the proposed number of parking spaces will not accommodate all the cars, trucks, and recreational vehicles that this proposed development will attract. While this will likely worsen the local parking problems, especially in winter, it may also create additional snow clearing issues on the municipal roadways and may make it more dangerous for pedestrian traffic.

I am not totally opposed to the development of the land in question. However, I feel that the land should be developed in a manner consistent with existing housing in the area and zoning should not be changed to allow multi-story apartment buildings.



Letter 1