Dear Mayor and Council,

I understand and support Whistler’s need for affordable employee housing. However, I oppose the rezoning of 2077 Garibaldi Way and the proposed development because it:

  1. does not meet the requirements of Whistler’s Official Community Plan;
  2. has a density and design that is wildly at odds with the surrounding neighbourhood;
  3. does not have appropriate access: 120+ additional vehicles will enter and exit through a quiet residential cul-de-sac;
  4. will make Highway 99 access more difficult and dangerous from the affected neighborhoods;
  5. is affordable for less than 10% of Whistler’s employee population;
  6. will not be governed by Whistler Housing Authority’s regulations and oversight.

I feel that this site should be developed in a manner consistent with existing housing in the area and zoning should not be changed to allow multi-story apartment buildings.


Yours faithfully,


Letter 3