The Official Community Plan (OCP) says (emphasis ours):


Proposed amendments to the OCP or Zoning Bylaw, especially those which would significantly increase the accommodation capacity within the existing Municipal boundaries, will only be approved under very special circumstances, and must comply with the criteria under this section. These criteria have been prepared to ensure that the goals and objectives of the Official Community Plan and the Comprehensive Development Plan are satisfied. Proposed OCP amendments or rezonings that are of a minor or technical nature must conform with this Part, but it is assumed that the evaluations can be brief and quickly conducted.


Proposed OCP amendments or rezonings that increase the bed-unit capacity of the Municipality will only be considered if the development:

a) provides clear and substantial benefits to the community and the resort;

b) is supported by the community, in the opinion of Council;

c) will not cause unacceptable impacts on the community, resort, or environment; and

d) meets all applicable criteria set out in the Official Community Plan.

The Municipality will annually review its growth management policies and determine what kinds and amounts of additional development, if any, are appropriate, necessary, or regarded as likely to yield benefits to the community and the resort. If this annual review identifies kinds of development that should be considered, the Municipality will consider amending the Official Community Plan.

In 4.13.7 :

  • any development which proposes resident housing targeted at short term residents should comply with the following: the site be within close proximity to Whistler Village or Whistler Creek; the development provide rental accommodation which is proven to be affordable to short term residents; that the rental units not be tied to an employment situation; that development favour 2 bedroom apartment or townhouse units, with lesser 1, and 3 bedroom and studio apartment or townhouse units; be full apartments not dormitories; provide suitable private storage and parking space; and
  •  any development which proposes employee housing which is targeted at semi-permanent or permanent residents should comply with the following: be within close proximity to existing open space, parks and community facilities; provide ownership opportunities for first time home buyers; comprise a mix of townhouse, duplex and single family units; be neighbourhood developments which provide neighbourhood amenities; integrate into existing residential neighbourhoods with similar building form; provide suitable private storage space and parking space; and be proven affordable to semi-permanent and permanent residents.


This particular rezoning application fails to meet multiple criteria laid out in the OCP and should not be given any further consideration until those criteria are met.



Reasons for Opposition

The proposed development does not meet the requirements of Whistler’s Official Community Plan