The rezoning application calls for an increase in bed units from 6 to 222, an increase of 3700%. The proposed development is completely out of scale with the surrounding neighbourhood.

2077 Garibaldi Way is a 2.4 acre lot currently zoned as RSE1 (Single Family Residential Estate One), allowing for the development of one large (465 m²) detached dwelling. This equates to 6 bed units. The lot is accessible only from the Garibaldi Way cul-de-sac (Aspen Drive is private strata land.)

The Garibaldi Way cul-de-sac is currently made up of 9 single-family homes and a 7-unit townhouse complex. It is a quiet cul-de-sac, where kids can play.

The proposed development consists of three 4-storey apartment buildings, with a total of 74 units. This equates to 222 bed units. The proposal allows for 122 parking stalls.

Assuming all parking stalls are utilized, there will be an increase in traffic of at least 300% in the cul-de-sac.

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Reasons for Opposition

The proposed development is not appropriate for the neighbourhood