The section of Highway 99 between the Village and Creekside is already heavily congested for a good part of each day, and vehicles associated with this proposed 222 bed-unit development will add substantially to that congestion.

As traffic has increased on this section of Highway 99, it has become increasingly difficult, and dangerous, to access Highway 99 from the Nordic/Highland areas, for both vehicles and pedestrians.  Adding so many more vehicles to these neighbourhoods will increase risks for both local and through traffic, and well as the pedestrians from Watson Way who have to cross the highway here to access public transport.

We believe that the traffic study will show a significant negative impact will result from this development.

It is our understanding that Council previously denied development of additional day skier parking on the Olympic timing flats in Nordic for the same reason. (See the Pique coverage and the local petition.)




It is entirely possible that the proposed number of parking spaces will not accommodate all the cars, trucks, and recreational vehicles that belong to the tenants.  This will worsen the local parking problems, especially in winter, and it may also create additional snow clearing issues on the municipal roadways, and increase the danger for pedestrians.



Reasons for Opposition

Existing traffic, safety, and parking problems will be exacerbated